Friday, January 24, 2014

Seahawks Fans Be Crazy

    If there's one thing I’ve learned living in Washington State its that Seahawks fans be crazy.  My first time watching a Seahawks game, it was the championship game they won that sent them to the Super Bowl.  I very quickly found out what ‘Beast mode’ meant as I saw Marshawn Lynch plow through the 49ers like a freight train. There were actually men bouncing off of him as he kept plowing down field for a touchdown.  I’ve never seen anything like that. I learned about the 12th man flag that populates every home and business in the Seattle area.  My husband explained that essentially all fans are the 12th man on the team.  This perhaps is the reason for the crazy love the fans possess.  I joked that if we hung up another teams flag out the window of our apartment that our apartment might get burned down. My husband, not joking, said it was probably be true...  Seahawks fans be crazy.  When I was watching the championship game, I had never seen a game this exciting . . . again I never watch football aside from last years Super Bowl. Which wasn’t terribly exciting accept for the power outage, which just meant delays…not exciting at all. So, when I say the fans love their football team, I mean they love them to a point of crazy. I’ve seen team pride before, but the only thing that even compares to their crazy is Germany during their championship games of European football. They’d walk through the streets wearing their teams colors and start chanting some team pride song in German. Now I don’t speak German, so to me it sounded like a war cry that said ‘kill the Americans!’ Yes, it terrified me and so do you crazy Seahawks fans. After they won I heard a cannon go off.  Twice.  My husband who was at the store said a fan came into Albertson’s and screamed “Go Seahawks!” Stripped naked and ran through the store. I’m glad it was his turn to run errands that day, that’s not something I wished to witness…  I’m almost terrified if they win the Super Bowl what’s going to happen. I keep imaging bombs dropping and riots out breaking, all in the name of celebration.