Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Three days before the Wedding!

Yes, I’m getting married at the end of the week. After twenty-nine years of single-hood and of getting used to being alone; I now feel as if I’ve been with an angel who has swept into my life to bring me joy and a sense of completion. I didn’t think being this happy was possible, with any man: real or imaginary. After twenty-nine years being pretty darn good at making decisions on my own, I find it puzzling and a little funny that I no longer possess this ‘said ability’, without first discussing it with Spencer.  Simple decisions like: what will I wear tomorrow… or am I really sick enough to stay home from work… or my personal favorite, where will we eat for date night? J

A million tiny little things like this reminds me of the new state of me. There’s this new person who now looks back at me in the mirror with a smile on her face and a new sense of purpose. I love this new person! She warms my heart, and I love my Spencer who has helped bring out this new me. I never thought I would meet such a wonderful man with such a good heart. I’m so excited to be his forever.