Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Joy of Mermaids

If you’ve ever taken any semiotic or analysis classes you’ve probably discussed how anyone can take one word and give it a new meaning. I unintentionally, gave the word “mermaids” a new meaning after I watched the fourth Pirates of the Caribbean movie. Yes, it was awesome and the mermaids were sweet. I think we should take it upon ourselves to spread the spectacular knowledge that mermaids are the new vampires and can take down entire ships in a single bound.  Now, when you want to express joy to certain people in your social circle, you should just randomly slip “MERMAIDS!” into the conversation.  It’s easier than you think. For instance:
“How are you, today?”

See, so easy! Now go spread the joy of mermaids! It’s fun to brighten up a person’s day by complete randomness :)

(to see these awesome mermaids you'll have to watch the 4th Pirates of the Caribbean)


  1. I think you should do this at work. "I need you to look at this application MERMAIDS."