Sunday, February 12, 2012

Driving In Bliss

When you fall in love and are holding this, said love, by the hand. Everything slows and becomes more enjoyable and vibrant. Unfortunately the slowing part mostly happens to me while driving in this state of bliss, which apparently aggravates the other drivers on the road. They honk and speed past me, usually waving their arms around in anger or cursing some non-sweet-nothings in my general direction. Now if you take a moment to ask: how could my blissful driving cause such a tempestuous response? What if I like driving in my state of bliss? I for one have stopped to smell the roses, and I really think the rest of the road warriors should as well. I understand that people who drive slow are annoying, but where are they going that they have to get there in such a hurry?

It made me wonder if our world is swiftly declining on our manners and patience in general. Let us stop to ask ourselves: what’s the rush? In this day and age with our 4G data plans and instant messaging; everything is literally at our fingertips instantly. We can do so much with a mere cell phone that was not available to us 20 years ago. With all this technology oozing out our ears, we’ve grown accustom to getting what we want without much of a wait. Has this seeped into other area’s in our lives, where we demand instant things without having to wait? Has it made our  generation grown impatient?

When we’re driving to our destination in a mad rush, are we doing it out of habit? Or do we really need to get to our destinations at lightning speed? Lets not toss all rules of common courtesy out the window, just yet. The world is not without hope; we just need some minor adjustments. By small things are great things brought about. So, let me extend an invitation out to all those eligible motorists.  Before you activate your led-foot, ask yourself: “do I really need to speed past every one in my way. Am I in such a rush to get to my destination that I am not willing to let other drivers cut in front of me? Or will I cut off other drivers so I can get there faster? Will I honk and speed past those motorists who are driving in bliss, or will I let them alone in their happy little bubble?  Ask yourself again and again: Where am I going in such a hurry that its absolutely necessary to cut off my fellow drivers and not yield to traffic signals?

For those of us that maybe be enjoying the drive with our loved ones, I for one would enjoy not getting interrupted by horn honking and rude gestures. So, please don’t ruin it for others driving in bliss. There may only be a small percentage of us who decide to stop and smell the roses, don’t cause us to go extinct. Please.

The practice of patience can be a powerful tool to make this world a more pleasant place.  So let us start by leaving a little earlier and driving a little slower. It saves on gas and Lord only knows when those prices will drop again… if they ever drop again.

Its just something to consider.

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