Monday, October 31, 2011

World Series and Diet Plans

I watched the World Series. Some of you might be saying, “Okay, cool. No biggie.” Those who actually know me will be saying, “YOU watched the WORLD SERIES??” Yes, it’s true I grew up in a male dominated household and naturally this should have led to a love for sports. NOT! Instead the opposite happened.  So, I confess this World Series was the first sports game I have EVER willingly watched (from beginning to end). Please, take a moment of silence for this small milestone in my life.
A newspaper once hired me to cover college sports for a summer. Naturally this feeling of drudgery washed over me causing to crash my car (not really, but life is sort of weird sometimes), which indirectly got me out of the assignment.

It’s not that I don’t love sports. I love PLAYING sports, but WATCHING is another cup of tea I’ve never sipped. I now understand Cards fans when they make sports references like: watch out for that ‘FREEZER burn’ or beware of the ‘Deep Freeze.’  Although I’m not totally fluent with these references, it is a start. Not only did I watch the game but also did the whole trip-to-the-sports-store-after-the-game to get an important Tee shirt I never knew existed.  It was explained to me by a certain Cyborg that its like Twilight for sports fans. Well, well consider me enlightened. Who knows this may be only the beginning for me. Next stop… Super bowl?

This brings me to my next topic: difference between the sexes. Aside from the obvious, ever notice how when guys need to get trim and fit they basically fatten up as a precursor to build muscle? For women you have the option of exercise, calorie counting, more calorie counting, heavy disciplinary dieting, and the frequent trips to the scale. Now because of the constant flaunting of women with perfect bodies that pop up everywhere we look…We as women are never happy with our bodies. No matter how insane our diet, how frequent our exercise, we will never be able to achieve what our DNA can’t provide.  The only way we will be able to get those flat bellies and firm tooshies is (lets face it) plastic surgery. Can I just call a time-out for all women reading this? Let us PLEASE stop the madness!  All those stupid diet-plan ads and cosmetic magazines have brain washed us into thinking we must all look like Victoria Secret models. Yes, it would be nice, but in reality only 5% of women have that “ideal” body type, in the WHOLE world! That leaves 95% of us feeling like crap about ourselves, and slaving over some stupid exercise video that claims we can look just like those beautiful women on TV. We need to stop the madness and search inside ourselves for what makes us truly beautiful. Plastic surgery is not the option. Cutting away the parts we don’t like will not make us happier. Plastic surgery is … well, surgery. It’s painful, and it’s not pretty.  If you have the option to not partake of that forbidden fruit, I suggest you do so.  If this has peaked your interest at all I suggest you look up a video Killing Us Softly by Jean Kilbourne. She’s the lady with the facts, who also wishes us to stop the madness.

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