Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Toddler Dangers & Swayze

While playing with my adorable nephew of one years old. I couldn't help notice how fearless he was. As soon as there was something potentially dangerous like a hot light bulb or a flight of stairs, he sprinted right for it (as sprinty as his little legs could carry him). I heard a comedian once say that his job as a parent was to keep his kid from dying. Man was he right! It didn't matter where we were, if there was any possible danger to my little nephew, he, like a heat-seeking missle, headed right toward danger. Even places I never thought dangerous. For a examples see chart below:

Grandma's house => Lengthy flight of stairs
Back yard => 3ft drop for RV parking
Living Room => Electrical sockets & pointy cornered coffee tables
Dining Room => Hot pellet stove
Kitchen => Garbage cans with garbage dangerous to toddlers who stick every thing in their mouth

Scientifically we learn that children learn by deduction. But as I started thinking, we all still learn by deduction. The first time we give our heart away so freely and willingly, we have no fear. The second time we're a little hesitant. The third time, a little more hesitant. The first time we fire a gun, we have no previous experience and learn quickly when we place a finger too close to the slider it hurts real bad. All this being said, I came to this hypothesis: We are fearless until we get hurt. Then we reevaluate and learn.

The first time we explore something new, we have no fear until something happens then we know to be careful next time. This law of deduction isn't simply for toddlers, but for adults as well. We learn, we always learn. (I guess if we don't learn right away we will eventually, hopefully).

Something else on my mind has nothing to do with toddlers, but Patrick Swayze. I had a Swayze marathon not too long ago and noticed a pattern in just about all his movies. No matter what kind of movie it is, his character is the best at what he does. See chart below:

Road House - Best Fighter
Point Break - Best Surfer
Dirty Dancying - Best Heart (women would argue many other things he's great at :)
Black Dog - Best Truck Driver
Ghost - Best Boyfriend Ever!

Its no wonder we loved Swayze. He won our hearts in Ghost, kicked bootie in Road House, was a total freak in Point Break & he could sure shake those slender hips in Dirty Dancing. I can't think of another actor out there who has so cleverly planned all their roles in such a way. Tha'ts why there is no one like Swayze.

The end for now

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