Saturday, February 9, 2013

My eggo is preggo!!!

I know this is a weird way to announce to the general public, but its true! I'm pregnant. I began this blog shortly after I discovered that my eggo was prego. That being said, this blog is a shout out for all those ladies out there who have either given birth or are currently pregnant. You woman are goddesses!!! Man, oh, man it is impossible to truly prepare for pregnancy. The amount of changes my body has gone through already, is outrageous. The first 5 weeks were a breeze, the only thing I dealt with was feeling tired. Then came week 6 and 7, then came the morning sickness, or in my case the constant dry heaving and nausea. And the dog-like ability to smell doesn't help with my weak stomach.  The sight or smell of creamy or greasy foods sends me running towards the bathroom. Which when you live in America, is everywhere! I had no appetite to eat, and what I could eat, wasn't very much, I often thought of how would I survive the next 9 months without checking into a hospital.  I know the baby would be fine and take what it needed, but how would I keep from being malnourished and stay hydrated? It was rough going there for awhile and very difficult to go to work every day when all I could eat was crackers. And trying to eat during my lunch breaks was another challenge. I'd eat a half a cup of food and start dry heaving again. It seemed my reaction to everything was dry heaving. I got hot, I dry heaved. I got stressed I'd dry heave. I had to learn how to adjust my diet to avoid the milky, creamy and greasy. I pretty much felt like I had an eating disorder. I'd shop like I had Celiac, and I felt super weak all the time.  I had seriously considered quitting my job, and I had a desk job. A desk job! How do single mothers do it? How are you supposed to support yourself if you feel uncomfortable, weak and absolutely ill all the time? I rested as much as I could, but it wasn't enough, I was stressed all the time due to the fact that I couldn't eat anything! When week 9 and 10 came around, I could eat again!! YAY! It was a miracle!! I was starving and had lost 5 pounds, which the doctor said was normal. Uh thanks, doc. I still couldn't eat greasy or acidic things tomatoes or lemonade... yeah not joking here. And eating out became an undesirable thing. I wouldn't know if I could eat what I ordered, until I took my first bite. “Uh, waiter? Can I have a sample of everything before I order here? Thanks!” We can call it the prego sample platter. I think it’s my best idea yet! My husband does the best he can to comfort me, and sometimes I have to laugh when he puts on “What to Expect When Your Expecting” to help sympathize with me. He cue's it up to the part where Emily Banks character is ranting in front of a baby convention that “Being pregnant sucks. I have no control over my emotions or my body!!” It’s true. I've lost count on how many commercials I've teared up over, and don't even get me started on all the movies I've cried over, movies I've never cried over before the hormones kicked in... When week 11 came things got weird. I developed an aversion to toothpaste. And I'm a frequent brusher! I now have to brush carefully or chew gum. Gag reflexes are the worst! But alas I've just moved into my 2nd trimester, and from what I hear it’s the best one... you know, besides the pure joy I'll get when it’s all over and I get to hold my little bundle of joy in my arms. And, I think once it’s over I will eat nothing but sushi and seafood, on top of a whole large pizza. I've made the decision to intentionally get fat after all this because I've been so deprived of food! Oh well, that’s life I suppose. Until my next blog!

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  1. OH YAY!!! Congrats my little cuz. So happy for you guys!