Friday, August 2, 2013

Nearing the end - Can't come soon enough!

I finally made it to full term. I know technically this still means I have 3 weeks left, but I'm not going by that date, in part to keep my sanity and the other part to give myself some relief that its over soon! Baby girl is restless and very uncomfortable which makes mama restless and uncomfortable. Her not liking my cramped little womb makes me think she's not going to be a fan of swaddling. She wants her feet to kick freely, like any ninja would.
     Some may find it odd or surprising that I'm still working. I'm either a tough chick or just completely nuts. I think I worry people at work when I waddle around with my massive baby bump. My co-workers can't seem to remember the due date, cuz they fill the need to ask every time they see me. I should tape a calendar to my belly with that date highlighted, just to see if it helps them remember.  It cracks me up when they see me coming down the hallway, they step to the side and smash their bodies against the wall, like I really need that extra 4 feet to get by them.  Really, thanks for the thought, but I'm not that huge people!  I consider it a blessing I am still able to work and not on bed-rest. I think I would have gone insane if that happened.
     I don't sleep much these days. Between the writhing child inside of me and not being able to find a comfortable enough position to lay in... and not to mention having to pee every hour on the hour.  I just can't seem to stay asleep. I have to get up rock baby girl to sleep, clean, stretch and read a book. I repeat in this order till baby falls asleep and I get tired enough to lay down. I blame the brain being affected by all these extra hormones. That chemical that gives you vivid dreams while pregnant, also seems to like to continue whatever preview I saw on TV or continue the episode of whatever show I just watched. My mind will continue playing the episode. I've predicted the winner of Master Chef, who the killer is in Whodunnit, and even rewrote the ending of August Rush since I didn't find the ending very satisfying. Its the default setting on my brain, I can't seem to turn off. If I were a scientist researching the cure for cancer my brain would have no-doubt solved it by now.
     I have become quite the spectacle at the pool. All eyes focus on my giant belly when I walk in. I've outgrown my towels, so I can't really wrap it around myself, so I just waddle in proudly and swim a few laps. Sometimes the kids at the pool ask if I'm pregnant. Yea, kids. This ain't no bee sting! And when I start wadding in the water, one kids shouted "You're baby's gonna get wet!" Too late, she's already there, little one.  She's already having a swim party in my belly.  The thing I love about swimming the most is its the perfect anti-gravity device to help me forget about my unproportioned body and pregnancy pains.
     What I'm really excited about when its all over is being able to eat cupcakes again. That and massive quantities of pasta and rice. I have gestational diabetes, and what that translates to is, for the duration of my pregnancy I have to limit my glucose intake because my placenta give off too much glucose and my body isn't absorbing it like it should. Which means all that glucose goes to the baby, making her at risk for not only being too big a baby, but it could cause her blood sugar to drop too low when we cut that umbilical chord. There's no better motivation to keep to a diet than this. I've always had issues with diets, but I've not had any issues sticking to one for the baby's well-being. Awww, aren't I a super mom? Its okay, just agree with me :)
     But I am mostly excited to get this little Kung Fu Panda out of me and in my arms, its the way it should be. I have so many clothes to dress her in, I want to start now! I have a months worth of diapers on standby and a bag all packed ready for the hospital trip. The car seat is already strapped in, the crib and bassinet are prepped. All i need now is a baby. So, baby come out. We want to meet you!

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  1. Soon, very soon. Excited to meet this little Kung Fu Panda girl!