Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Equal Rights? Pssshhh! Is That Really What You're Protesting?

With all the women out there marching and demanding equal rights, but doing nothing to get said equal rights. . . What are you protesting really? You're no better than the rioters during the Inauguration destroying private property and injuring our police officers who are sworn to protect and serve us. That's like being mad at your parents and going out and punching strangers because of it! What does that accomplish? You’re publicly attacking our President because you don't like him. It's Trump, no one likes him! Yes, he is a male chauvinist, and he happens to be our President. Let's not lose our heads over it. Trump has made America a lot of promises to make our country stronger and to finally get out of our financial deficit. He did not say he would take away our right to vote, or work, or drive, or marry who we want. Please, let’s take a step back and see if he can accomplish what he promised.

Personally, I’m wondering why other matters have been overlooked. Like why do women not have equal pocket sizes? Or why do we think stilettos are sexy? Or why my designer down puff jacket isn't waterproof? Or why inner beauty isn't a popular notion? Seriously. If my husband can be allowed to have pockets the size of small flat screen TVs, and I can barely fit my tiny cell phone in mine, where is the equality? Aren't women usually the ones to rear the children, do most of the shopping and organizing and yet we are deprived of something as simple as pocket space? I can’t even tell you how many phones I've damaged because they fell out of my miniature pockets. I understand that to jean designers, women must have every possible chance to show off our curvaceous bodies by wearing tight jeans, but can’t they be functional as well? And what’s worse is faux pockets. I’m sure whoever decided that women didn’t need pockets also decided that 
my premium down puff jacket didn’t need to be waterproof either. This in itself is
ridiculous, because I live in Seattle and don’t have a functional jacket or jeans. So, now I’m wet, cold and don’t have a place to carry my phone. And I see things like moms out with their kids wearing stilettos. I shiver inside because I know that eventually that 50lb kid will want to be carried. Ouch! I myself, have to employ one of those large diaper bag-esque purses just to survive a trip out with the kids. Why not give us our mom jeans with functional pockets, and take away the stilettos altogether? Seriously, no one wants fanny packs to make a comeback or for bunions to be the feet of the future. Our faux and mini pockets carry nothing, and as we all know moms have to be prepared. Having no pockets equals clothes that fit tighter and show off all those curves of ours. Well some of us have too many curves that we may not necessarily want to share with the world, which is why I wear jeans instead of say… yoga pants. Apparently, women are only allowed to be sexy, and if we aren’t then something is wrong with us. That truly is where our perception of ourselves is skewed and where the real battle needs to be fought. We as women have given in to this way of thinking. This not only makes us hate our bodies, but our clothes, hair, eyes, cheeks, boobs, thighs, stomach and whatever else we think we need work on or to change. Inner beauty is something that is not really valued, or mentioned in the media. But it’s something we still try to teach our daughters, at least I do. Loving your neighbor, genuinely caring for those in need, and spreading that love and joy of Christ is true beauty, and it’s something that doesn’t fade with time. 

There’s a story of a young mother named Stephanie Nielson who was burned badly in a plane crash. Her burns were so extensive that she had to be medically sedated for three months. When she woke up she found that the burns on her face were the most severe. She mourned the loss of her beauty, and wanted to die when her children couldn't look at her and when her youngest child who was 18 month didn't know she was his mommy. During this great hardship, she found a way to find her inner beauty and what she refers to as her new life. She is still struck by sadness at times for the loss of her old self, but in this new life she’s enjoying her second chance at life. To me she is more beautiful now than before the accident. 

So, when I hear of about women protesting and demanding equal rights, something that has never been taken from them, I don’t see a point to the protest other than them needing a platform to vent about our new President. Why does this outrage you, but the years of objectifying women does not? Lets not overlook that. Focus on your self-improvement, reflection, and inner beauty. What really is more important? So, on behalf of woman like me, let’s get our pockets back, work on our inner beauty, take care of the kids, throw out the stilletos and then maybe we’ll have time to take over the world.

If your interested to hear more about Stephanie's story:

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